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Our Clothing

Our Clothing

A little bit of background into our clothing brands Sourpuss, Six Bunnies and Liquorbrand.

Sourpuss Clothing

Sourpuss Clothing is an independently owned small business catering at those looking for something a little bit different from the mainstream apparel you find at most retailers.

It is aimed at people with an interest in old school punk rock, tattooed pinups, vintage and kitschy oddities, kustom kulture, classic monsters, and much more but they also do have some fabulous pieces in their collection that will appeal to those with more classic tastes.

They use a broad range of people to model their apparel, I love seeing the clothes on all different body shapes and types.  I personally think it's a great way to showcase clothes as it lets you see how fantastic they look on people of all sizes.  Anyone can apply to be a model for Sourpuss so if you're ever in the Philadelphia area why not apply and give it a go.





Liquorbrand Clothing

Founded in Antwerp-Belgium in the fall of 1998.  Liquorbrand was born out of a passion for tattoos, art, and counterculture.  Liquorbrand is known globally for its high quality (I still have Liquorbrand bags from 5 + years ago that are in great condition even though I use them almost daily).  They have a variety of styles and amazing prints with great attention to detail.  

I am definitely going to be adding more of their great apparel to our store.  Love the range of prints they have from old school tattoo flash to pin up to unicorns to gothic amongst many others.  I would love to add their whole range to our store one day but alas, for now, we will just have to pick our favourites and hope you like them too.


Six Bunnies

Six Bunnies are an alternative clothing brand for babies to kids their clothes go from newborns up to 10 years old, they use organic cotton for their baby clothing with non-toxic prints so their gear is really gentle on babies' delicate skin.  The prints last wash after wash. 

We will be adding more of their clothing to our baby range and eventually adding their kid's clothing to our collection as they have so many great alternative prints and styles for little ones. 

Other Brands

I am always on the lookout for other brands to add to our range but don't want to add any brands to our store that I wouldn't personally use and buy myself.  

If there are any products from the brands we currently stock that you would be interested in seeing in our online store don't be shy let us know and we will see what we can do.


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