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TUK Shoes

TUK Shoes

Discovering TUK shoes

I fell in love with TUK shoes the first time I saw a pair of their Lady Luck mary janes in an alternative clothing store on a trip to the Gold Coast over 10 years ago and just had to purchase them.  

From there my love for TUK shoes grew, I was so excited when on a trip to London in 2011 with my then-boyfriend (now husband) we spotted a pair of the cutest TUK mary jane heels in Camden town while out shopping which I still have to this day.


Never heard of TUK shoes? 

TUK shoes began over 25 years ago and it's easy to see why they are loved by so many and continue to be as popular as they are.  They are vegan-friendly and have the coolest designs.  They are also a very long-wearing shoe and are made to last-hence the higher retail price.  

Whether you are wanting something a bit plainer but still stylish or something to stand out and show your individuality, there's a pair of TUK shoes to suit everyone. Their creeper style shoe is one of their most well known and popular designs and you would have seen these on the feet of a few well-known rock stars and celebs (Billie Joe, Tre Cool, Johnny Depp, Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus, Scott Owen, Rihanna to name a few)  


Why should you wear TUKs?

Because I said so (just kidding), but if you are looking for shoes that are a little different, comfortable, functional and long-lasting than you're bound to fall in love with TUK shoes.  We are going to be adding more to our range over time as there are so many great styles and designs-heels, boots, sneakers, and creepers. 



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